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Assami II

Introducing Assami, our Artisanal Oud distilled in 2021 from the jungles in Sylhet. Handcrafted by an experienced artisan who we work with exclusively, Assami is made with the same batch of high-incense-grade wood that the Satkara was distilled from, but with different cooking parameters.  The oil was extracted from the heartwood of the agarwood tree, which is known for its rich and distinct aroma.

The opening scent notes of Assami are a combination of heated incense-grade Hindi chips, barnyard, and tobacco. The initial burst of aroma from this Oud is warm, and earthy. The scent notes transport you to the rugged, wild and wet jungles of Sylhet where the agarwood tree grows in abundance. The combination of the incense-grade Hindi chips and barnyard notes gives the oil a distinct character that is both complex and harmonious. The tobacco scent adds a touch of sweet aroma that balances the smokiness and earthiness of the other scent notes. 

After around 5 to 10 minutes, the heart scent notes of Assami start to evolve. The barn fades, and the scent notes of coffee and plain chocolate become prominent. The aroma is warm, creamy, and slightly bitter, making it perfect for those who enjoy rich and indulgent fragrances. The coffee and chocolate scent notes blend seamlessly, giving the oil a sense of depth and sophistication.  Wow… hang on!  Literally 20 minutes into the aroma, I cannot believe what is happening.  This Oud exudes a resinous floral aroma that our incense- and sinking-grade distillations like Laal Jinko and Raheeq are famous for and one of the reasons they command such a high-price.  It is incredible and I cannot for the life of me understand what is going on here.  Is it the heat from the laptop on my wrist as I write this description that has teased out a hidden facet of this oud that would otherwise remain hidden?  We would love to hear back from users of this Oud to see if they experience the same heady notes as I just did.

The base scent notes of Assami start to appear after 30 minutes, and they include antique wood and leather. The woody notes are rich and complex, giving the oil a sense of warmth and comfort. The leather scent notes are subtle but noticeable, adding a touch of luxury to the overall fragrance. The combination of antique wood and leather creates a rich and elegant aroma that is perfect for those who enjoy classic and sophisticated fragrance.


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