Artisanal Oud


Kalakhassi, a masterpiece of olfactory art, emerges from the fusion of time-honoured Hindi traditions and the skilled craftsmanship that echoes the legacy of AbdulSamad AlQureshi. This exquisite Oud, distilled amidst the natural splendour of Assam, weaves a story of heritage and homage, encapsulating the essence of its ancient roots with a touch of modern finesse.

Kalakhassi unveils a rustic yet refined tapestry of scents. The fragrance commences with the earthy, raw aroma of hay, mingling effortlessly with a subtle hint of barnyard, evoking the vivid imagery of rural landscapes. This pastoral introduction is softly enveloped by the unexpected, yet delightful, sweet essence of leather, crafting an opening that is both comforting and intriguing, a gentle nod to this Artisanal Oud's rich background.

As the scent evolves, transitioning gracefully into its heart within 5 to 10 minutes, Kalakhassi reveals a deeper, more enigmatic character. The fragrance deepens into a musky embrace, reminiscent of untamed forests and hidden depths. This muskiness is beautifully juxtaposed with the mystical aroma of incense, adding a layer of spiritual depth and contemplation. This heart phase of the fragrance invites the wearer into a serene, almost meditative state, where tradition and tranquillity converge.

In its final metamorphosis, after 30 minutes, Kalakhassi settles into a rich, enduring base. The fragrance culminates with a resinous depth, echoing the timeless wisdom of ancient trees. This balsamic quality is then sweetly softened by the lingering presence of caramel in the dry down, offering a comforting, warm finale. The base notes resonate long after the initial encounter, leaving a trail of refined sweetness and enduring serenity.


2.5g bottle depicted is for illustration purposes only 

Both 1g and 2.5g bottles are available to purchase.

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  • artisanal oud
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  • Wild Oud

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