X Collection

Santal X

Jungle: Ceylon

Extracted: 2023

If you haven’t read about our X Collection yet then head over to our site and get the low down on this exiting in-house collection.  Heating Sandalwood is great, but it doesn’t perform as well as Oud does. The dry wood often scorches if you try dialing up the heat, and so we often find ourselves turning towards Sandalwood oil to find a befitting experience.

Yet, Sandalwood oil leaves a lot to desire, never fully capturing the raw aroma found in raw Sandalwood. I think you can already tell where this is going… Santal X is something unheard of in the world of perfumery. Created by the dignified hands of our very own Ahmad Abassi, it’s an achievement that will go down in history as a turning point in experiencing new frontiers of fragrance. No distillation tricks or techniques here involved.

All Ahmad did was extracted the living daylights out of some brown Ceylon Sandal heartwood. The aroma…You ever smell Ceylon Sandal raw? That spicy, cinnamon sweet, sugared cream. Compact it. Condense it. Compress it! As for the applications, the possibilities are limitless. You might be wondering:

·                Can I swipe this and use it as a perfume?

·                Can I use this in blends?

·                Can I tincture this in alcohol?

·                Can I add a few drops to an incense blend I’m working on?

Yes, you definitely can do all those things with our Frankenstein-esque creation. So don’t wait up, be the first to experience the third dimension of Sandalwood. The only downside to Santal X is that Ahmad didn’t scream “It’s ALIIIVEEE!!!” when it was born…


Available in a 3g bottle


What others are saying about Santal X:

A very thick oil and somewhat smoky. My impression is that it is an intimate way to connect with Sandalwood, not perfumy, but a glowing deepness hovering over your skin. A very new and unique way to enjoy Sandal. But as with oud versus oudh chips, the actual wood on a heater is still much better. Hats off to Al Hashimi, it’s a nice creation. - Curt, USA

My impressions of Santal x first it is wonderful, reminds me of my Agarwood CO2....very woody. The top note is spice like clove, cardamom. The middle note is santal and the base note is a deep woody cedar balsamic note. Very nice and masculine. - Kabir, USA

I tried Santal X once, I have been attacked by tree lovers ever since, great stuff. - Martin, Sweden

Calming with a very rich and deep aroma. Great Quality! - Juuso, Finland

Swiped Santal X, and I fell deep into the creamy buttery notes of what is expected of Mysore sandalwood oil. Truly is amazing. - Jason, Singapore

Hats off to Santal X. It is something different, raw and more intense than Santal oil. I try it, I use it, I enjoy it. -Milan, Slovakia

Santal X is spectacular, sooooo deep and dark. It makes me feel my skin was born inside a 500 year old sandal tree. Only ever got this scent from raw wood, and it's still deeper. -Stephen, Ireland

I got Santal X and it is phenomenal. Something I have not smelt before in any sandalwood oil. Love it. - Inder, USA

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