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Sinharaja is one of the most pleasant Walla Patta oils I've come across. It doesn't have the intense and lasting tropical fruit and floral sweetness of Sri Pada, but instead is far more subtle and has an incense vibe. This beautiful almost floral fuzzy is unique to and mimics a resin-rich sizzling Walla Patta chip placed on a heater. With the Sinharaja, what I call a sunshine in a bottle, aspects of a high-class, high-quality Sri Lankan oil. We've had other Sri Lankan oils in the past with different scent profiles, but not like this which takes you back to the pinnacle of sinking grade Walla Patta distillations between 2016 to 2018.  I always regretted not being able to own a bottle of such an oil due to lack of funds, but somehow, we managed to pull this off in 2023 at the same level of quality as those Silani legends of old. 

Some Silani oud oils are quite unique. Some of them earthy. Others a bit darker. But the hallmark of the highest-grade Sri Lankan oils you can find is this almost Borneo Malinau note, which I absolutely love. And it's not a sickly-sweet note, which is characteristic of some cheaper oils from other regions of the oud-producing world.  This is a very delicate, very finely balanced floral and fruit note, which is the hallmark of top-class Sri Lankan wood.  

A nod must be made to the distillation techniques as well. Using the right type of water, the right type of, heat, and it's something that's not easy to replicate and to produce.  A case in point where our partner wasted several kilos of our sinking and incense grade wood that yielded four tolas in our first attempt to make this type of oil back in 2019. He had used the wrong water and did not control aspects of the distillation temperature correctly and led to Ahmad having to guide him through the next distillation attempts. We were thoroughly disappointed with the four tolas of oil that were produced from extremely this rare and valuable wood, but is still aging with us and labelled as “Smelly Patta”, due to a some note that might dissipate in time (but might not), and that's a product of the distillation process rather than the, the quality of the wood itself. 

What we have with the Sinharaja is a culmination and a product of years of experimentation and trying different approaches until we hit upon the motherlode with the answer to how a Walla Patta Artisanal Oud should smell like, and this answer is embodied in this in this oil. If you're looking for a Sri Lankan oil, which can give you the experience of the heyday of Walla Patta, then you really don't need to look any further than this oil.  


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