Artisanal Wood

Sumatra Super Malaccensis

From the grandmother tree of wild Aquilaria Malaccensis in Sumatra, we are proud to present our collection of super-grade agarwood chips, as the final part of three separate batches differing in quality. The uniqueness and rarity of this wild agarwood are well known amongst the Oud cognoscenti. When gently heated on a heater, the chips exude an enticing aroma of mint, vanilla, caramel, and ginger. 

Our wild Aquilaria Malaccensis chips are fragrantly resin-dense, and the super-grade chips pack quite an olfactory punch. The heating process of a chip starts with a peekaboo round between mint and ginger, and dialling up the heat gradually releases the fragrant aroma of minty vanilla, which slowly transitions into a caramel haze. The sweetness is perfectly balanced by that same ginger at the beginning, and as you approach the end of the burn, the sweetness increases, and the aroma transforms into that resinous Oudy sweetness that we all adore, as the wood starts to darken.

Experience the rare and unique fragrance of our wild Aquilaria Malaccensis super-grade agarwood chips from Sumatra, a testament to the quality and purity of our natural products.


Note: Photo shows wood pieces from the actual batch

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  • Artisanal Wood
  • Incense Grade
  • Indonesian
  • Sumatra
  • wild

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