Artisanal Oud

Thai Sukkar

Distilled in 2019 from organic trees planted in Trat over 25 years ago, Thai Sukkar is our take on Artisanal Oud from Trat.  This fruity Thai Oud has sweetness dialled to the maximum, giving you a unique scent experience.  Now the typical organic fruity Trat profile has been unfairly maligned due to the success of the Thai Organic Oud industry making this profile available for everyone.  As the saying goes, familiarly breeds contempt, but this is not to detract from the Trat profile being perfect for newcomers to oud due to its more familiar fruit and floral scent notes and relatively low price point.  This organic Oud IS your typical fruity Thai Oud, but with the sweetness dialled to the maximum.

As you open the bottle, you are greeted by a floral bouquet covered in rich molasses that is both calming and uplifting. The sweet Trat Oud is prominent, adding an exotic twist to the scent. This initial burst of fragrance sets the stage for a unique Trat scent experience.

As the Oud evolves, you'll notice the scent developing and becoming more complex. After around 5 to 10 minutes, the fragrance takes on the aroma of molasses and cane sugar, adding depth to the sweetness. The floral notes from the opening continue to linger, creating a harmonious blend of scents that transport you to a tropical paradise.

After 30 minutes, the scent notes shift towards a deep, earthy aroma that is characteristic of oud resin. The richness of the scent is overwhelming, providing a sense of grounding and connection to nature. The oud resin aroma is long-lasting, ensuring the fragrance lingers on your skin for hours after application. Thai Sukkar is a one-of-a-kind Oud that takes you on a sensory journey with its sweet and floral opening notes, followed by a complex mix of molasses, cane sugar, and floral scents. The base notes of oud resin give it a deep and resinous aroma that lets you experience the real magic of Trat Oud.


2.5g bottle depicted is for illustration purposes only 

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  • artisanal oud
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  • Thailand
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