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The Zamzam Collection represents the zenith of Artisanal Oud production using Zamzam water from Mecca. This is the world's first and only such collection started in 2020 with our first Zamzam release - Thai Zamzam - distilled in our Khobar-based Saudi Arabian distillery by one of our co-founders.  At Al Hashimi, we are proud to have pioneered this approach to using Zamzam water to craft the finest and most inspired Artisanal Oud creations regardless of cost.  Every one of the oils in this collection are a labour of love with the cost of the raw materials not matching the price these oils retail for.

Yasin was distilled in 2024 from a premium selection of cultivated Kinam, wild Kalimantan incense-grade chips, and Khao Yai incense-grade chips, this fragrance is a testament to the mastery inherent in traditional oud distillation. Yasin is a definitive Al Hashimi creation, embodying the perfect harmony of nature’s finest materials with the sophisticated art of perfume making.

The opening of Yasin is a vibrant showcase of exotic fruits, immediately captivating and drawing one into its rich depths. Infused with a whisper of incense, the scent evokes the serenity and mystique of ancient rituals. The base notes of forest floor and dark honey intertwine to create a profound complexity, reflecting Al Hashimi’s skill in crafting scents that are as intricate as they are inviting.

Within 5 to 10 minutes, Yasin unfolds into its heart notes, where the exotic fruits evolve into a richer, sweeter melody, enhanced by an array of spices. This transition showcases Al Hashimi’s flair for blending, as the dark honey enriches the composition with its velvety texture, and the essence of wet wood adds an earthy, robust dimension. This middle layer offers a glimpse into the depth of expertise that Al Hashimi brings to each fragrance, creating a dynamic and evolving olfactory experience. As the fragrance settles, the base notes of Yasin provide a lasting impression that remains true to the hearts complexity. The fusion of sweetened fruits and spices lingers, enriched by the opulent, smooth character of dark honey and the grounding presence of wet wood. This enduring finish is a signature of Al Hashimi’s commitment to crafting perfumes that not only captivate but also leave a memorable trail.

Yasin by Al Hashimi is more than just an oud; it is a masterpiece of olfactory art that invites the wearer on a journey through the landscape of scent crafted by a master perfumer. It is designed for those who cherish a deep, immersive experience in their fragrances, highlighting the unparalleled expertise of Al Hashimi in the realm of luxury perfumery.

Only available in 1g High Recovery Vials for $1250 - very short supply. 

This oud is still available and not sold out - to purchase, please contact us at as this is not available to buy on the website.

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  • Chinese
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  • Khao Yai
  • Kinam
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  • Zamzam

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