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Zaffran Negin

Zaffran Negin from Ghallia is a premium quality saffron that originates from the Persian mountains of Iran. This rare and exquisite spice is revered for its vibrant color, rich aroma, and distinctive flavour that sets it apart from saffron grown in other countries.

Persian mountain saffron is unique and special due to its growing conditions. The region's high altitude, dry climate, and fertile soil provide the perfect environment for the saffron to flourish. The hand-picked saffron threads are carefully dried and processed, preserving their natural oils and intense aroma.

Not only is Zaffran Negin perfect for culinary use, but it is also a popular ingredient in perfumery. Saffron's unique aroma and distinct scent profile make it a highly sought-after ingredient in many high-end perfumes and colognes.

Our Zaffran Negin is Super-Negin grade, which means it is the highest quality saffron available. This premium grade saffron boasts a deep red colour that is a testament to its purity and quality. The rich colour comes from the deep red stigmas of the crocus flower, which are carefully handpicked and dried to create the delicate saffron threads.

Zaffran Negin is a rare and exquisite spice that is the perfect addition to any perfumer’s olfactory collection. Its unique growing conditions, complex flavour profile, and vibrant colour make it a prized possession for anyone who values quality


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