Adnan X



Jungle: Mindanao – The Philippines

Extracted: 2019

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We launched Adan as the first Tawi Tawi to hit the market. We launched Adnan as the first affordable Mindanao to hit the market. Then came Adnan II, The Second Act; and now? Say hello to my little friend, Adnan X.

As I mentioned in the Adnan II write up, there won’t be a third act. Then what is Adnan X? Adnan X is not a sequel. If anything, it’s the prequel to it all. Created from the same distillation material as both Adnan and Adnan II. The primordial ooze that made it all possible.

Smell it raw. While it may not be a powerful aroma, one things for sure, it’s dense. As in, you can smell the citrus that manifests as frankincense post distillation. You can smell the gentle sweetness that came out as honey. The blue-green aquamarine hue that served as the building blocks for something we all came to love and adore.

Throw it on a mica plate and heat it up. It’s the wild soul of the Philippines in all her might. A berry twang minus the berries, a compact aroma that just exudes an overwhelming rawness, so tenacious that it fumigates so strongly, you can actually smell it on your palms after a solid session of wafting the fragrant smoke towards your person.

You’ve burnt wood…You’ve swiped oils… It’s time to experience the third dimension.