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Pontianak X



Jungle: Pontianak – West Kalimantan

Extracted: 2019

The Kalimantan region offers a whole ton of Oud variety, with the most famous of those varieties being Malinau and Tarakan in the east, and Pontianak in the west.  I’ve always thought it was a little strange how the online Oud community fixated on Malinau more than any other Kalimantan region, with Tarakan echoing in the background. Rarely do we hear of Pontianak Oud being a heavy hitter on the artisanal market.

A few months back, we had a pretty fragrant batch of some Ponti Oud that we planned to offer on our website, but most of our stash sold out behind the scenes and left us empty handed. What little remained got grinded up and sent to our lab, where fragrant things constantly occur week in and week out. The resulting resinous goo that was born is a prime example of what Artisanal Resin should smell like.

In my experience, resin heating has three main phases: First contact, Bubbling up, and Settling down. Thus, I find it best to describe things along those three phases.

Phase 1 – First Contact: A fruity nuanced blast with resinous hues of blue and green emerges, almost similar to that of Adnan X.

Phase 2- Bubbling: As the bubbling picks up, a sweet milky vanilla wood breathes air, still within the confines of phase 1, the notes become more and more warm and toasty, never turning sour.

Phase 3 – Settling: After the bubbling ends and it settles down on your mica plate, you’re met with constant wafts of spiced saccharine woods.

Join us in our fragrant journey where we take fumigation to the next level and experience the third dimension of Oud!


Note: Keep the temperature setting on your electric heater on the lowest setting. I personally use a Treasure Oud heater for reference and only keep it on the first notch. The amount of resin you use dictates the length of each phase.