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Sarawak X



Jungle: Sarawak – Borneo

Extracted: 2019

Sarawak, an area west of the famous Sabah we’re all familiar with, and yet, Sarawak hardly gets as the same amount of publicity. If you’re wondering why Sarawak didn’t get it’s 15 minutes of fame, it’s an intricate story. Some would assume that it lacks in quality, but that definitely isn’t the case, as I’ve shown previously with our now sold out batch of Sarawak Sultan, as well as the fast sinking batch of Sarawaki chips I released during the Alkhadra Oud days.

The reason why Sarawak doesn’t get enough press is because most brokers pass it along as Bruneian. If you’ve smelt a lot of Oud originating from Brunei, there’s a good chance you sniffed some Sarawak a couple of times. The fact that brokers are even able to pass it as Bruneian Oud to wealthy Chinese kingpins is testament to its quality. While boasting a similar aroma, there are some obvious differences. The most obvious difference is that the traditional minty Brunei profile is less pronounced. Instead, Sarawaki Oud often verges on a rich, earthy, and slightly oceanic profile.

Well, lucky for us (and for you), we had an old batch of Sarawki Oud harvested around 2016 just laying around, and yeah, we extracted the living daylights out of it. I mean, why wouldn’t we? Who wouldn’t want to take that unique profile and increase it’s potency to the absolute maximum?

I can best describe the scent of heating Oud resin in three phases.

Phase 1 – First Contact: Break off a piece and throw it on your burner at the lowest possible heat setting, you’re immediately hit with an explosion of earthy saffron, adding a needed dimension of sourness to the deliciously sweet resin concrete.

Phase 2 – Bubble: After it starts to bubble, a condensed milk and vanilla bomb emerges. As each bubble forms and pops, you’re hit with the dense aroma of Oudy heaven! It goes on and on in this phase before settling down into a liquid on your mica plate.

Phase 3- Settle: After settling, it continues its vanillic persona, although releasing a very familiar woody vibe we associate with heating Ouds, along with some baked spices.

Who knew Artisanal Oud resin could be so good? Personally, Sarawak X is one of my absolute favorites from our X Collection. Ahmad really out did himself with this one.


Note: Keep the temperature setting on your electric heater on the lowest setting. I personally use a Treasure Oud heater for reference and only keep it on the first notch. The amount of resin you use dictates the length of each phase.