Al Hashimi 2023 Expedition to an Uncharted Sri Lankan Jungle

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Al Hashimi 2023 Expedition to an Uncharted Sri Lankan Jungle
The dense, verdant jungles of Sri Lanka conceal untold natural treasures from sapphires to gold, but even seasoned oud hunters are sometimes surprised by what they discover. A month ago we sent some hunters we work with on an expedition into an uncharted region of the island's lush wilderness and they are still on their way back out right now. Over the past few weeks, this group has been battling torrential rains, venomous snakes, and poachers and have made a breathtaking find: a rare and ancient grandmother agarwood tree, promising some of the finest Walla Patta wood and oud oil seen in years.

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Sri Pada and Sinharaja are well known regions to oud connoisseurs, but we sent them to a relatively unknown jungle where unsurprisingly they faced challenges at every turn - there is a reason why the particular jungle we spotted was left alone. The unforgiving rainy season ensured that their progress was often stalled, as they waited for downpours to subside before pushing forward. The inclement weather, however, was only one of the many hazards they faced. The jungle was teeming with dangerous wildlife, including venomous snakes and other hostile creatures, which could strike at any moment. To make matters worse, they were not alone in their pursuit; poachers, seeking to exploit the jungle's resources, added an element of human danger to the already perilous endeavour.

Despite the inherent risks, our hunters pressed on, dedicating days to trudging through the sodden jungle in search of a suitable tree. Their determination paid off when they stumbled upon a sight that left them in awe: a grandmother agarwood tree, a truly remarkable specimen. The difference between this majestic tree and a typical agarwood was immediately apparent, with its imposing size and gnarled, ancient trunk. Such a find is rare, even for the most experienced of oud hunters.

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The wood from this venerable tree will soon grace our Collector's Oud section, and we have no doubt that it will be the finest Walla Patta wood to hit the market in years. The rich, resinous heartwood of the agarwood tree is the source of the coveted oud, a fragrant substance prized for its complex, intoxicating scent. Walla patta wood, a variety of agarwood native to Sri Lanka, is always sought after for its unique aroma and character.

In addition to offering the exquisite wood, a sinking grade oud oil will be crafted from the grandmother tree. This oud oil promises to be a throwback to the heyday of Sri Lankan oud oils, which reached their zenith back in 2017. Sinking grade oud oil is the crème de la crème of oud oils, distinguished by its exceptional quality, depth, and rarity. The prospect of obtaining such a precious treasure from this storied tree will have many oud connoisseurs eagerly anticipating its arrival.

Note: These photos are not stock photos, but were taken by our hunters during the expedition.
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