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"Swiped Santal X, and I fell deep into the creamy buttery notes of what is expected of Mysore sandalwood oil. Truly is amazing"

Jason Singapore

"Calming with a very rich and deep aroma. Great Quality!"

Jusso, Finland Finland

“Satkara is a 2021 distillation of wood from Sylhet, Bangladesh and with India to the West, Bhutan to the North and Myanmar the East, you'd expect this oil to be dense, deep and intense. You'd be right, but it's quite a bit more”

The Scent Guru USA

"I tried Santal X once, I have been attacked by tree lovers ever since, great stuff."

Martin Sweden


    Who are Al Hashimi?

    Al Hashimi was established by a team with decades of experience of Oud and general perfumery between them to continue the ancient tradition of Middle Eastern perfumery.  In a world where the new and novel are celebrated, we prefer to share masterpiece scents inspired by timeless classics that will never lose their appeal.

    Are Al Hashimi an Oud Oil reseller?

    Al Hashimi want to provide the best possible products to our customers and believe that this is only possibly by exercising control over every stage of the production process for our freshly distilled Oud oils that are then aged until ready for release.  We are involved at every stage from conception of the type of Oud oil to be produced, to the pre-production inspection and selection of the best quality and types of wood, to proprietary techniques and methods employed during the distillation process and then finally ensuring the highest quality Oud oils by thorough post-distillation conditioning of the oud oil.  

    An exception to the above may exist when, in common with other Artisanal Oud oil vendors, we may happen to discover hidden treasures aged to perfection. In this case, we are happy to offer exceptional aged Oud oils that otherwise may not be available to our customers. 

    Do you have a store I can visit to sample your oils?  

    Al Hashimi currently operate a retail operation online that offers low volume, high-value niche products and are able to offer the best value to our customers by avoiding the much larger overheads associated with a more traditional “bricks and mortar” operation.



    What is Oud?

    Oud is a term popularly used to refer to the rare and precious aromatic products derived from oil and resin produced by wood of the Aquilaria species when it becomes infected by a fungus called Phialophora parasitica and the species are mainly found in South East Asia and surrounding regions.  

    Is Oud a Middle Eastern Scent?

    The popularity of the term Oud is a testament to the central importance of this resource in Arab and Islamic cultures and the word Oud itself simply means “from wood” or “wooden stick or log” in Arabic.  Despite Oud also forming an integral and important part of the cultures of South East Asia, for example in India where it is known as agar and in Japan where it is known as Jinko, its place in the Arab world has arguably made the dominant impact within the Western perfumery world.  In contemporary Western perfumery, Oud also denotes a base note characterised by a woody leathery scent and it is common to find many prestigious Western perfume brands selling Oud perfumes that actually do not contain any real Oud.

    How do you guarantee that your Oud oil is genuine and free from adulterants?  

    Al Hashimi run two distilleries of our own and a lab where we craft many in-house Oud oils and attars.  We do also work exclusively with a very small set of distillers who we have known since 2016 and who have a proven track record in custom distilling the finest Oud oils in the world to our exacting specifications.  They operate on a basis of trust based on past experience and occasional GCMS-testing.  



    Shipment method

    We only offer DHL Express worldwide shipping as it is safe, reliable and fast.

    Shipment Processing Times

    We aim to process all orders within the next working day, but note that orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays.

    Shipping rates & delivery estimates

    Shipping charges for your order will be calculated and displayed at checkout.

    Delays and Liability

    Delivery delays can occasionally occur due to unexpected customs checks or other events beyond our control.

    We cannot take any responsibility for items that are held by customs or lost or damaged during transit.  If you require the goods to be fully insured, please let us know before ordering.  That said, DHL are a leading courier and we do not expect to experience any loss or damage to packages.  

    Shipment confirmation & Order tracking

    You will receive a Shipment Confirmation email once your order has shipped containing your tracking number(s). The tracking number will be active within 24 hours.

    Customs Taxes

    Al Hashimi prices do not include any customs charges that may be applicable in your country.  Please contact us before ordering if you need clarification on any matter related to customs charges.  Note that we cannot provide definitive tax advice for any jurisdiction.  



    The Concept

    Ghallia is the name of the company under which Al Hashimi perfumes will be launched, but Ghallia doesn't stop there and goes beyond the founding aesthetic of Al Hashimi. The company derives its name from the most expensive perfume made for the Arab Caliphs of the Islamic World during its Classical Period. Al-Nuwayri, a 14th c. Muslim historian relates, that when Al-Ghaliyah was blended for the Abassid caliphs it was stored in a silver flask sealed with a cotton-stuffed Chinese silk stopper and represented the pinnacle of luxury and refinement. So in the Muslim world, this word is associated with the most expensive and finest perfume irrespective of the origin of the perfume. Many contemporary perfumers operate on a misunderstanding of the concept and associate Al Ghaliyah with a pre-defined formula based on traditional materials such as musk, ambergris, rose and Oud. This is a mistake as Al Ghaliyah represents a concept rather than a formulation.

    Etymology of the Name

    The word Ghallia itself is a compound of two separate words, firstly from the ancient name of France – Gallia in Latin. The origin of the Arabic name for this legendary perfume, simply comes from the word, “ghalli” – in Arabic غالي which means “expensive”. The fusion of the compound word represents a new synthesis of the two traditions of occidental and oriental perfumery represented by France (1700-Present) and Classical Islamic Civilisation (800-1500CE).


    Given the etymology of the name, the perfumes created by Ghallia will incorporate the creative elements of both occidental and oriental traditions to produce a unique olfactory experience. This combined with the use of the finest natural materials available, the perfume will exude an aura of luxury, privilege and exclusivity for those fortunate to own a bottle created under this brand name.

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