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Ahlan wa Sahlan!
Our Pedigree
Al Hashimi are a retail and wholesale artisan who offer products crafted from the finest natural aromatics including in-house distilled oud oils of unparalleled quality and collector grade oud wood, attars, and custom-ordered niche artisanal perfumes.
Our highly qualified team some of who have postgraduate degrees in Chemistry, are also busy creating unique and innovative natural oud-based products not available elsewhere and we have a presence across the Agarwood world that allows us to stand out in a way that no other oud artisan can.
Since our inception in 2018, we have generally shied away from overt marketing and allowed our products to speak for themselves, but this has also caused some confusion amongst customers who have made assumptions about who we are and what we represent, so hopefully this will set the record straight.
We have a long and prestigious history in this industry with our founders being involved in oud and scent generally since 2006 and one of our directors being a pioneer in establishing Ouddict, the largest online Artisanal Oud and Natural Perfumery community in the world and Agarwood Eco Capital who manage Agarwood plantations in South East Asia for a sustainable Agarwood future.  
It should be evident to the reader that oud and scent occupies a central place in our lives. We believe that being involved with this precious olfactory miracle requires us to give something back to help keep this sustainable for the communities and ecosystems
Our Identity 
Many people from the Middle East have asked us why we chose to name the company, "Al Hashimi'. The name implies an association to the historical Banu Hashim clan named after Hashim ibn Abd Manaf, the great-grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and should not be hijacked by those with no connection to it. Both of our founders have direct and indirect connection to Banu Hashim hence the name of the company.
Our business is unique in the marketplace in that we are the only vendor offering such unique and quality products based on an explicitly Arabian Gulf and Islamic aromatic tradition.
Our offerings are designed adhere to a certain aesthetic and function possessing excellent longevity and projection.  These are exactly the type of qualities valued in a culture where scent is ubiquitous, vying for attention in the public space and has a social significance in busy gatherings in the majlis and masjid.
We cordially invite you to experience the world's most exquisite olfactory treasures and join us in our endeavours to push the boundaries of what is possible.

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