Artisanal Oud

Kambodi Katheef III

There’s big love for Thaqeels in the Arab world, there’s an even bigger love for Cambodi styled Oud, and it’s not because they think it’s fancy. Function means a lot. The functionality of an oil alongside its aroma is a make or break deal over here. It can smell like wonders, but if it doesn’t perform, they don’t want it. Kambodi Katheef , literally translating into ‘Dense Cambodi’ is one gooey, sticky, honey-like Oud, and you know what that means, longevity is through the roof with solid projection all the way through. 


Being a blend between an organic Koh Kong Oud from 2016, and a wild Koh Kong from 1995, Kambodi Katheef III is made from superior raw materials than the famous original that had organic Trat Oud as its main constituent.  Kambodi Katheef III flaunts an array of Arabesque notes, including red plums, honey, pollen, leather, and animalic funk! Whether you’re looking for a solid Oud on the night out, or for a special occasion, the dignified scent of Kambodi Katheef will suit your needs. 


2.5g bottle depicted is an actual bottle of Kambodi Katheef III

Both 1g and 2.5g bottles are available to purchase.


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  • artisanal oud
  • Cambodi
  • Koh Kong
  • Wild Oud

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