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If exquisite quality and class is associated with any scent, then it exuded from this oil when it came out of the distillation still and meant that Mughal was the only name we could consider.  This Artisanal Oud embodies the name and spirit of the legendary Mughal emperors, known for their magnificent courts and luxurious lifestyles. These rulers were the epitome of wealth and artistic patronage, inspiring an era rich in culture and splendour. In crafting Mughal, we sought to embody the essence of this golden age, blending opulence with the art of traditional oud distillation.

When you first experience Mughal, it's as if you're stepping back into an era where every scent tells a story of grandeur. It begins with the earthy robustness of hay and a subtle barnyard note, grounding you in authenticity. Soon, the air fills with the sweet aroma of fruits mingled with the sophistication of leather—echoes of a regal past. Layers of dark honey and a whisper of chocolate or cocoa add a touch of indulgence, setting the stage for a luxurious olfactory journey.

As the scent unfolds over the next 5 to 10 minutes, you'll notice a transformation. The initial earthiness softens, making way for a richer heart where honeyed musk and sun-dried fruits take centre stage – cherries and cocoa linger, adding depth. The presence of leather and hay remains, linking the fragrance to the natural world and the opulent halls of Mughal palaces.

After about thirty minutes, the deeper character of Mughal reveals itself in full. The base notes are a lavish mix of sweet and sour fruits and berries, entwined with rich honey and creamy caramel—reminiscent of the sumptuous feasts once enjoyed by Mughal royalty. The mature scent of leather is enhanced by musky and hay nuances, while aromatic spices subtly appear, providing a sophisticated finale to a fragrance that is as regal as the empire that inspired it. This is our tribute to the Mughal's storied luxury and their enduring impact on art and culture.


2.5g bottle depicted is an actual bottle of Mughal

Both 1g and 2.5g bottles are available to purchase.

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