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Asali Koh

Asali Koh is one of our Koh Collection of oils. Now the Koh Collection, lends itself, as the name suggests to oils with an incense vibe. And Asali Koh is no different in this respect. It's a sister batch of our acclaimed Asali that pushed the limits of what is possible with Artisanal Organic Oud and is crafted to highlight and showcase the best qualities of the original Asali, but with a rich and magnificent incense heart.

And you can smell that on the get go. The Asali had a very beautiful floral and clean smell, whereas the Asali Koh on application suddenly reveals quite a different and darker incense soul while also allowing the interesting facets and quality of the original Asali to shine through.   And that is the aesthetic and philosophy driving how this distillation has been conducted.  We aren’t just throwing wood into a pot here at Al Hashimi.  That is not what are about.  We seek to push back the boundaries of what's possible in our oils and to explore the relationship between one type of distillation, tweaking certain parameters, and conducting other types of distillation using similar batches of wood or sometimes the same batch of wood. And it's been interesting to develop these Koh Collection of oils which all have this common quality that impacts a beautiful, incensey resin-rich vibe. 

From the off, you get this waft of rich incense floating your way with a hint of almond which is I've never come across before in a Crassna oud oil. It's not the strongest of almond notes but it's present along with raisins, reminiscent of an Arabian rice pilaf. 

Eventually, the opening gives way to a beautiful Crassna heart, surrounded by rich incense and the dry down alternates between a cool floral note and resin wafting every now and again across your nostrils. It's a wonderful, experience and nicely replicates the ambiance of the traditional Arab Majlis (lounge).

Artisanal Ouds from the Koh Collection are designed to behave as ouds, but at the same time, give you the experience of sitting in front of, quality Agarwood chips being gently heated on an incense heater. Our guiding aesthetic is the Gulf Arab Khaleeji style of oils that are used in social gatherings and in the masajid, majalis and other social settings.  Typically, in these environments you have oud being heated on a heater with coals and fragrant smoke being wafted around in large amounts. At the same time, everyone is also wearing oud, so you have this heady olfactory mixture of both oud oil and incense simultaneously hitting your nostrils. 

This is the experience that the Koh Collection oils try to replicate and I think we've succeeded to a greater extent than we initially thought was possible.  


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