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Al Hashimi were honoured to be the first producer of Artisanal Oud to release an oud crafted in our distillery in Saudi Arabia with Zamzam water from the sacred city of Mecca.  Zamzam water is treasured in the Islamic world with myriad health benefits due to its mineral composition.  It's ancient origins go back to a search for water by Hagar, the Abyssinian wife of Abraham who sought to provide her infant son Ishmael with water in the heat of the Meccan valleys.

Our pioneering first batch was made from incense grade organic Thai wood and produced a very special oud oil.  The scent profile belied its origins and bore no relation to the typical fruity aroma associated with organic Thai ouds.

We have continued this tradition by distilling all our in-house oud oils with this special water and are delighted to share our collection with you.

Zam-Zam Collection

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