Zamzam Collection

Bilad Al Sham 1445

The Zamzam Collection represents the zenith of Artisanal Oud production using Zamzam water from Mecca. This is the world's first and only such collection started in 2020 with our first Zamzam release - Thai Zamzam - distilled in our Khobar-based Saudi Arabian distillery by one of our co-founders.  At Al Hashimi, we are proud to have pioneered this approach to using Zamzam water to craft the finest and most inspired Artisanal Oud creations regardless of cost.  Every one of the oils in this collection are a labour of love with the cost of the raw materials not matching the price these oils retail for.

Bilad Al Sham, a name that resonates with history, encompasses a region known for its rich past and vibrant culture, stretching across modern-day Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine. In the hands of Al Hashimi's skilled artisans, the ancient traditions of perfumery are brought to life with the 2024 distilled Bilad Al Sham Oud. 

This exquisite fragrance is crafted from the finest sinking grade Filipino Agarwood and Walla Patta, known for their depth and rarity. Two types of wood were used for the Bilad Al Sham, with around 950g of Sinking Filipino Wood (the same wood that is currently on sale on our site for $45/g) and around 250g of Sinking and Partially Sinking Walla Patta chips from Ahmad's private collection.

Upon first encountering Bilad Al Sham, your senses are greeted with an intricate tapestry of scents. The opening notes flourish with green Kinam, offering a rare glimpse into the luxury of the orient. Accompanied by a blend of fresh herbs and spices, it mimics the vibrant hustle of an oriental spice souk. The essence of a humid jungle wafts through, bringing with it the woody and umami undertones that are rounded off by a whisper of tropical fruits. It's like stepping into a lush, verdant landscape that promises adventure.

As the scent settles on the skin, after about five to ten minutes, it evolves into the heart notes that are both intriguing and comforting. The continued presence of the oriental spice souk and the humid jungle remains central, but now they merge more profoundly with savoury elements and a bouquet of herbs. This middle phase of Bilad Al Sham mirrors a serene journey deeper into the heart of the forest, where every breath reveals more of its secrets and enriches the soul.

The journey with Bilad Al Sham concludes with base notes that appear after about thirty minutes, offering a final, lingering impression that’s both refreshing and profound. Notes of zesty lemon and crushed mint leaf introduce a refreshing crispness, while the savoury and spicy elements persist, grounding the scent with a warm, embracing finish. This phase of the fragrance is reminiscent of a cool evening in a mystical land, where the air is filled with the promise of nightfall and the echo of the day’s adventures.

Bilad Al Sham is not merely a scent; it is an experience—an olfactory journey through history, nature, and artisanal mastery. Perfect for those who cherish uniqueness and sophistication in their fragrance choices.

Only available in 1g High Recovery Vials for $1500 - very short supply.  


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