Ghallia Aromatics

Ceylon Santal

Let me just start off by saying the following:


Ceylon Santal doesn’t need layering, it doesn’t need to be used along-side anything, it doesn’t need to be blended, it shouldn’t be used for a maceration, and the reason for that is pretty simple…It’s a complex perfume!


Born from a copper womb in 2017, Ceylon Santal is a Sandalwood best to be experienced on it’s own. Yeah, it’s Santalum album. No, it does not smell like Mysore.


Get ready for this…. Ceylon cinnamon, ginger, fennel, sugar-cane, all wrapped in a smooth, creamy base. You can swipe this on your wrist and find yourself sniffing for countless hours on end, or you can fully wear this as a perfume for a straight up bubble effect and mesmerize all those that cross paths with you.


Inhale deeply with this one and you can almost taste it.


2.5g bottle depicted for illustration purposes only

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  • essential oil
  • Ghallia
  • Sandalwood
  • Santal

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