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Dehn Al Oud

We set out to create a blend of an oil that ticked every box when it came to the archetypal mother of ouds scent profile that is cherished and valued by the Gulf Arabs and any connoisseur who appreciates the finest oud that is unashamed of what it is and no that does not mean it has to smell like a horse’s stable. To me and to Al Hashmi, oud is a scent that should be robust, although we do indulge now and again in these new-age oils, but that all too often strip oud of some of its most interesting characteristics and facets. We generally tend to prefer robust, strong, and heavy ouds that know unapologetically who they are. Ouds that are ouds.

With this oil, we exceeded our expectations beyond all measure and when it came to naming, the only thing that made sense was to expropriate the name of a whole genre that captured the smell we were trying to interpret as an Artisanal Oud.  Dehn al Oud was born.  Dehn al Oud which translates into English from the original Arabic as oud oil, embodies every facet and every characteristic of what an Arab Gulf style oil fit for royalty should smell like. The perfect oud for those wealthy collectors in the Arabian Gulf who appreciate the aesthetic of robust, strong ouds that last and just smell as oudy as one can get.

Imagine an oil reminiscent of vintage tigerwood Malay oil, such as our incredible (and expensive) Malaya Atiq, but at a fraction of the price.  Frankly, I don't actually know how we managed to pull this off, but it also has just this incredible tenacity and vigour, that is a hallmark of some Hindi oils where the projection and the scent takes a long time to dissipate. Don't get me wrong, however.  This is not a barnyard oil.  

This is an earthy dark, mineral oil with the slightest hint of Hindi - the very mere faintest whisper of Hindi - but which is quickly drowned out by a dark Malay heart that I would have sworn has some Maroke component within it, if I did not know better. This isn't another variant of a Hindi and Cambodi co-distillation a la Tariq I, II and III. This is an entirely new proposition. One that as far as I'm aware, hasn't been attempted before and is therefore quite unique.

It is a medley of scents, and of all oud scents, unified into one scent that would be sure to be a hit if it were ever released in the UAE or Qatar or Kuwait or those countries in the Gulf. If we had a lot of this oud, then that would be our port of call, but as with all Artisanal Oud batches, we don't have much and it would be criminal not to offer it to our loyal customers instead.


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Both 1g and 2.5g bottles are available to purchase.

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