Collector's Artisanal Oud

Malaya Atiq

Over the years, I've smelled many vintage Malay oils, but there's a particular profile that I absolutely love and adore and is sometimes described as Tigerwood originating from how the local Malay’s describe the resin formation pattern on the incense-grade wood that goes into the distillation still. For me, it comes down to representing the heart of what oud should smell like and the Al Hashimi aesthetic – a dark, strong, earthy scent with the look, smell and feel of vintage wood. This is not an oil that I ever thought Al Hashimi would be offering, simply as most batches have been sold and used a long time ago. Yet here we are in 2024 and we have an oud-miracle of sorts with one of the finest vintages of this style I've ever smelled.

Applying a swipe of this lush brown oil reveals a beautiful musky opening with oud liquor present throughout, accompanied by an oudy sweet note slamming into my olfactory receptors like a guided missile, But instead of bringing destruction, it's bringing an unrivalled experience that takes you back in time and is simply not available today. It takes you back to an older world where although ouds like this were still exceptional, they were still available. We shouldn’t overlook the fact that, the ouds distilled in the 70s, 80s and 90s were not necessarily all artisanal grade, as wood that was of incense grade and above by definition was used for heating and burning.

Ouds of this quality are few and far between. The notes hit you immediately and renders one breathless in awe of how much of a regal and magnificent smell oud can project and produce. An olfactory time machine is how I describe this oil. Beautiful notes of gently heated resin-rich peninsula Malay agarwood chips weaving in and out of each other, revealing notes of expensive vintage wood, a hint of chocolate, sweet oud liquor and musk. I have smelled oils like this before and they belong in the $2,500+ for 2.5g gram plus bracket. We've managed to put a rabbit out of the hat with this one, especially when it comes to the price. 


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