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Maroke Thaqeel

Maroke Thaqeel is our hand-crafted labour of love, a little bottle of tradition distilled in 2023 drop by drop from the rarest incense and partially sinking wood available.  For several years, Al Hashimi have shied away from getting involved with the Indonesian agarwood supply chain due to the risk of disappointment when inspecting wood and oils from the country.  After four years, we were fortunate enough to find someone in Indonesia who actually understood the stringent and non-negotiable requirements we insist on when producing ouds.  The Maroke Thaqeel is a direct result of Al Hashimi’s vision of what oud can be.

When you apply this oil onto your skin, you’re signing up for an aromatic flashback to something ancient and authentic. The first notes to hit you? A deep, rich oudy dark incense that's got a bit of a wild side with sweet spices for company – it’s like being wrapped in a velvet throw by a campfire. There’s a smidge of smoke in there, and then, boom, pine needles cut through, giving you that fresh-in-the-forest wakeup call. 

Give it a bit – say 5 to 10 minutes – and Maroke Thaqeel starts to mellow down. The smokiness chills out, and what you get is the sweetness coming out to play, the spices softening up like they’ve been through a round of charades. It's still the same soulful tune, just more like a gentle hum in a quiet room. 

Hang around for half an hour, and that’s when the magic settles in. The base notes come out to groove – sweet oud smoke, but subtle, like it’s there but not there. A hint of camphor slips in, fresh and crisp, and then you’re deep in the woods with a scent that’s all shadow and whispers, the kind of mystery that clings to your senses.  


2.5g bottle depicted is for illustration purposes only 

Both 1g and 2.5g bottles are available to purchase.

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