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Raheeq II

The defining characteristic of modern Hindi oud is the barnyard note that, while alluring to some with an enigmatic draw, can be off-putting to others. This polarizing aspect is less a result of the quest for olfactory excellence and more due to economic factors.

Why does economics have the upper hand over the creation of exquisite aromas? The common practice involves soaking Indian agarwood in water before distillation, which although increases yield, is not always the cleanest method and tends to impart that distinctive barnyard scent.

To transcend this norm and unearth the true essence of Agollacha without the barnyard dominance, one must forsake the soaking step. This move, while reducing yield and increasing costs, revives the traditional Indian methods of oud distillation from over a century ago. By using a combination of incense and sinking-grade wood chips for distillation, we can achieve a product of unparalleled distinction.

Raheeq II is our testament to this revered tradition, albeit with a twist. It challenges the norm by not only avoiding the soaking process but also by presenting an even lighter body, less syrupy in nature compared to Laal Jinko, and shining with a brighter spectrum of fruity and floral nectar. Picture sweet tea melding with the tang of apricot peel and an array of sweet and savoury spices; this is the nuanced complexity Raheeq II brings to the table.

To create Raheeq II, one would start with the highest incense grade Hindi chips, gently coaxing the resin to weep its precious aroma. Imagine it fused with the quintessence of an English summer garden's floral bounty, delivering a rich and intricate bouquet to the senses. And if one were to introduce a hint of ambergris to the warm Hindi chips, they would begin to grasp the multifaceted fragrance of Raheeq II.


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Both 1g and 2.5g bottles are available to purchase.

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