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Saba Jinko II

While the original Saba Jinko received rave reviews and much praise, we knew that there was one area that could be improved on and that was the incense wood used for the distillation could have been sinking grade instead.  Well this batch plugs that gap and was made with sinking grade woods as well, making one of our flagship and most popular ouds even better.  

You’ve all tried Bornean Oud, you’ve all heard of Sabah, yet you rarely ever find Sabahian Ouds boasting an incense-based vibe, and it’s not because Oud from Sabah lacks anything in terms of profile. Rather, it’s because the same techniques are employed time and time again, by the same distillers who learnt it once upon a time and find it far too risky to play around or experiment. It’s an understandable dilemma, as their livelihoods depend on the success of every batch. Nevertheless they’re missing out!  A little simple tweaking and optimizing here and there can have incredible effects on the outcome. Even more so when the wood distilled is that of a higher quality. Say goodbye to the wet-paint, heady gasoline smelling Borneos of yesterday, and say hello to Saba Jinko.

Incense upon incense. A Sabah incense stick in liquid form. Donning the clarity associated with heating a Japanese incense stick alongside the potency of Arab-style fumigation, Saba Jinko boasts a wonderful array of admired notes that are quite difficult to decipher. After close to two months of studying, I’ve put together an assembly of notes that in my opinion, best narrate what Saba Jinko is all about. Dry forest herbs/spices, vetiver, raspberry, honey, fizzy soda, fleshy pear, a hint of leather, a touch of grass, and the most obvious note of all, incense.

If you haven’t had the luxury of getting a unique Bornean experience as of late, try this one for a change.


2.5g bottle depicted is for illustration purposes only 

Both 1g and 2.5g bottles are available to purchase.

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