Artisanal Oud


The ridiculously low price might not indicate it, but Satkara, is a high-grade Artisanal Oud distilled in 2021 from wood sourced in the jungles of Sylhet.  This luxurious oil boasts a unique blend of scents and is under-priced given that is falls under that rare, almost unicorn-like conjunction of events where a relatively large batch of superb incense-grade was available and subsequently produced a high-yield of artisan-crafted Oud. 

Satkara opens with a tantalizing blend of smooth high-quality Swiss dark chocolate, zesty Shatkora Sylheti citrus fruit used for cooking, and an umami gourmand note. The opening scent is complex and sophisticated, making a lasting impression.

As the Oud evolves after around 5 to 10 minutes, Satkara's heart notes emerge. The rich and aromatic scent of coffee blends seamlessly with the plain chocolate notes, creating a deep and intoxicating fragrance.  After 30 minutes, Satkara's base notes come to the forefront. The scent of antique wood is warm and comforting, while the leather note adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the fragrance.

Satkara's benefits and uses are numerous, making it a must-have for any fragrance or aromatherapy enthusiast. Its long-lasting and distinct fragrance can be worn as a signature scent or on special occasions. The calming properties of the oil make it an excellent choice for aromatherapy, reducing stress and anxiety. Satkara is truly a remarkable artisanal Oud that exudes luxury and elegance in every drop.

2.5g bottle depicted is of an actual bottle of Satkara

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  • artisanal oud
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