Artisanal Oud

Tariq II

Pieces of a puzzle can be coupled or separated. Get a whiff of this, a unifying blend between the great monarchs of Oud, Hindi and Cambodi. Two words, Primordial Elegance, enough said. But really, Tariq is an Oud that teeters between the lines of tradition and innovation. Different aspects of it’s antiquated aroma are familiar to all. If you’re a Hindi lover, you’re in for it. Velvety barn that’s perfectly assimilated into the profile. Leather that’s so smooth you’d think it’s edible. Add a tad of hazelnut and a dash of Hindi hay and you’ve come full circle.

Yet, while Tariq remains undoubtedly Hindi throughout the opening, it’s quickly influenced by its Cambodi heritage. Vaporous and plummy Cambodi fumes waft around and through the Hindi profile, seamlessly making it’s way to you. Never becoming too red, and never dominating. When you find yourself at the dry-down, Tariq transitions into vivacious airiness, almost as if it’s breathing the soul of Chinese Sinensis. Barny, fruity, medicinal, and with longevity that lasts so long you don’t even have to re-swipe! Tariq is one heck of an Oud that pleases on so many levels.


2.5g bottle depicted is an actual bottle of Tariq II

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  • artisanal oud
  • Cambodi
  • Hindi
  • New Arrival
  • Wild-Organic

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