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Thai Atiq


Thai Atiq: A Journey to the Past

In the modern landscape of Thailand, organic and not-so-organic agarwood plantations dominate, producing a homogenized oud oil that is easily recognizable even to those with a cursory understanding of oud. This typical tangy, fruity organic Thai Trat scent profile screams budget oud.  What if I told you that wild Thai oud oils smell far more like their Malay Tigerwood equivalents.  Well this is pretty much what we have here!   

Thai Atiq stands as a beacon of the past, showcasing a hidden and nearly extinct side of the wild Aquilaria Crassna sub-species. Distilled in Thailand in 2013, this Artisanal Oud is a rare gem, offering a scent profile that is vastly different from the standard Thai oils. In over 15 years of experience, encountering such a unique and distinguished scent is a rarity, with only one other oil from all the thousands of oud oils I have encountered, making Thai Atiq a truly exceptional find.

Upon first application, Thai Atiq envelops your senses with a captivating blend of woodsy notes, immediately transporting you to ancient forests. This robust woodsy aroma is enhanced by a delicate touch of smoke, evoking the essence of traditional oud distillation methods. As the fragrance settles, it reveals a deep and dark incense undertone, creating a rich and mystical opening that hints at the profound journey ahead.

As Thai Atiq evolves, approximately 5 to 10 minutes into its application, the heart of the fragrance begins to emerge. Here, delicate floral notes intertwine with the ever-present wafts of incense smoke, adding a layer of elegance and complexity to the scent. This heart phase is a harmonious blend of softness and depth, capturing the ephemeral beauty of wild Aquilaria Crassna in full bloom.

After 30 minutes, Thai Atiq reveals its most enduring and profound notes. The base is characterized by the scent of ancient wood, a timeless and grounding aroma that speaks to the oud's rich heritage. Complementing this is the luxurious essence of oud liquor, adding a sweet, resinous depth that lingers beautifully on the skin. This final phase of the fragrance is a testament to the artisanal craftsmanship and the rarity of the wild oud used in Thai Atiq.

Thai Atiq is not just an oud; it is a journey through time, offering a glimpse into a nearly forgotten era of Thai oud production. Each note, from the woodsy and smoky opening to the floral and incense heart, and finally to the ancient wood and oud liquor base, tells a story of tradition, rarity, and unmatched beauty. This artisanal creation is a must-have for connoisseurs and those seeking an extraordinary olfactory experience.

We really should charge a four-figure sum for an oil like this, but in the spirit of the Eid2Eid Sale, we will offer it for a temporary concessionary price (which is further reduced with the sale voucher code.

$750 for 2.5g 

$300 for 1g

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