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Warda was a revelation when I first encountered it.  It is named because the beautiful floral potential of Crassna is presented to the maximum effect in this oil. The first thing you experience is the scent of flower nectar and propolis from honeybees. This oud reminds me of my youth spent roaming around countryside fields in England in the summer with all manner of flora and fauna around me. Bees and dragonflies buzzing to and from amongst the lavender, dandelions, daisies, and all other manner of flowers growing in the long grass.

Imagine a full spectrum of all the different floral scents you could gather and compress them into one single note. This is what you get with Warda.   It will probably take a very long time to break down everything that's going on with the oil as it presents itself to the nose as a very singular floral note. But as time goes on, you can make out the individual strands within the scent profile, with more than a hint of wild dandelion, rose and tulips amongst the myriad emerging notes.  And all this is accompanied by an incense that's that is reminiscent of light honey, and as I mentioned before, propolis and beeswax.


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